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Who is Added Insight?

Hi my name is James and I’ve been making wedding videos for a few years now. I took a break recently due to the arrival of my rambunctious son Zebedee. My wife Alice makes wedding stationary and we live in Bristol which we love.

I was originally asked by some friends to film their wedding as a favour and loved the experience. It went from there really, I used my background of fine art with film and applied it to making carefully crafted wedding films.

Why called Added Insight?

My style of filming is very much to merge into the background and capture events as they unfold around me. I like to be in the thick of the action but without actually being noticed. I watch, observe and notice before deciding what to film, picking out all the little details that make wedding days so unique to each couple. This gives the film an added insight that takes it beyond a simple recording of the day.

I will take directions from the couple beforehand, if there are any people / decorations / happenings that they want particular attention to then I’m always going to incorporate them. Otherwise I let the day take me and enjoy the atmosphere which all goes into capturing the emotion of the day.











I offer a compete days filming for £750. That’s it. No gold, silver, bronze packages to chose from, extras to miss out on, you get everything for one price.

With this offer you receive a ‘highlights’ video set to a song of your choice and a full length movie of the day’s events, including the ceremony and all the speeches.

The highlights film is first delivered via an online link to share on social media and the full length movie is shared via a link with a private password to share with those you choose.  You then receive both the highlights and full length movie on a USB stick and on 5 DVDs packaged in recycled materials sourced from UK suppliers.

I arrive to film the bridal preparations (and the groom depending on locations) and then stay the whole day, past the first dance and into the jollities after.

I require a deposit of 30% to secure the date and the rest can be paid any time up to the film’s completion.

Travel costs are free up to 30 miles from Bristol, after which it is 0.25p extra per mile. Each year I offset all carbon produced due to travel by donating to sponsortrees.com. If the drive is more than two hours, I would require cheap accomodation the night before and after the big day.


I was so excited I couldn’t help but have a quick look at lunch time and found myself experiencing all of those lovely emotions from our special day all over again. I was crying at hearing my father’s speech, laughing at the little moments I hadn’t seen before and couldn’t help feeling so relieved that I had found you to capture our special day for us. Having the day recorded and captured forever is just priceless and I am so grateful to you for doing such a great job. 

The films you have produced for us are just perfect, they capture the day so well, so many happy faces and joyful moments. I will look forward to having these to look back on for years to come and thank you again for all of your hard work. Jack and I have spent the evening re-living our wedding day and it has been very special indeed, so thank you very much!

Hannah and Jack

The DVDs arrived and we watched it that day. They were great, you captured everything we hoped you had. Thank you so much. The style really fits with the feel of the wedding.

Sam and Amber


James, we are absolutely THRILLED to bits with it!! you did such a fantastic job and we have had so many compliments!!! fantastic!!

Jo and Ben


…realised that I never sent an email to say thank you for this!  I can’t believe that this slipped my mind as we loved it so much! I think I must have got so carried away sending the link to literally everyone I know whether they wanted it or not that I completely forgot to tell you how much we loved it.  It perfectly sums up our day in just a few minutes…  I especially love all the little bits of people dancing, like my bridesmaid at the beginning waving her arms and all of them shaking their bridesmaid dresses and the attempt at twerking later on.

Sarah & Carter


James, just wanted to say thank you very much. The video is perfect. You done a great job. I will certainly recommend. We have watched it over and over again. It is so good! its perfect! THANK YOU! You are awesome at what you do.

Jimmy & Stacey


Got the videos!! We have watched the film twice through!! Just lovely. So many lovely moments, lovely feel and lovely how the songs all thread through it (especially love that you recorded Su’s playing and used that music) couldn’t stop smiling and saw a few things we didn’t know happened, so that was ace!

Bek & Andrew


We just watched our wedding DVD- totally loved it! A great job and we are so glad to have the speeches on film. So captures the day and my mood. 

Ruth & Dave


We finally watched the DVD last night (don’t ask!).  What an amazing memoir of our wedding day – it brought back the atmosphere and also provided an insight into the occasion from other people’s perspective.  Oh, and it was beautifully presented too. Thank you so much… We’ve immediately posted a copy to the family members who were unable to make it over from Zambia.

Mark & Amanda


It was a pleasure having you there, thanks so much, we absolutely love the video.

Darryl & Jess


We love it! It is perfect. Think we have watched it about 10 times already!  I can’t tell you how much we love it and can’t stop watching it. 

Lisa & Tom


Thanks so much for the vid guys. We just love it! I haven’t stopped watching it. You have a real talent for capturing the day. We feel so lucky that you were free at such short notice! P.s. We wanted to thank you for how discreet you were on the day. It was great. With so many of those shots, I had no idea you were there/so close! Which I think is a great thing!  I’ll certainly recommend you to friends. 

Georgie & Tom


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