About Us

Added Insight is a video production company that specialises in the videography of live events and produces creative videos to promote the work of organisations and commercial projects.

  • We pride ourselves on creating artistic and expressive videos that explain and entertain.
  • Our ethos is to provide affordable video content that fulfills a client’s brief whilst being approachable and flexible to any adjustments that are suggested.
  • The nature of our equipment and characters mean that we can work swiftly and intuitively, with a quick turnover if required.
  • Our strength comes from ideas and a creative process, utilising contemporary tools and devices to our advantage.
  • You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of our videos and how much we charge for them. Get in touch for a quote.






Individually we are Tom and James, two friends with over ten years combined experience in the film and media industries.

Tom is the expert with cameras and lighting having graduated from Film Studies and Film Production over ten years ago before going into equipment hire in London and later working on feature films, television adverts and short films. When not filming and coming up with creative ways of telling a story, he manages and organises youth workers to help disadvantaged young people with their confidence and skills.

 James graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Film and Video before working in a variety of roles for television, documentary and feature film productions. Specialising in editing, he has worked with directors, artists, producers and galleries to build up a substantial body of work that shows his creative flair.

James’s LinkedIn profile.