Documentary & Promotional


Brazier coffee roasters


Brazier Coffee Roasters

A promotional short video used by the client as part of their online marketing launch of their coffee roasting business.

Asked by the client to produce a ‘fun, engaging and informative’ video we worked closely with them on the day, filming all parts of the process involved and listened to exactly what they wanted to bring out in terms of their brand identity. The result was they were extremely happy with the result and described it as perfect for what they wanted.






Documentations of the Hartcliffe And Withywood Kick Start (HAWKS) “Stepping Stones Transition Programme” which aims to help children to develop the skills and confidence to make starting secondary school a less daunting process.

We have been asked for the past two years to make a short film documentary of the programme for the participants and for future funding proposals. We set about planning with the client what was required and how best to achieve this. There were certain stages that needed to be communicated in the development of the young people over the course of the programme. As well as the recording of events that occurred over the three day stay at Embercombe Farm, it was important to show the individual learning and effects on the young people.

One of the main issues was to make the young participants feel relaxed and natural around the camera as well as to act in a supervisory role when necessary. Gaining the trust of the children was crucial to achieve an insight into their apprehensions and worries about the future.

The programmes end with a screening of the finished video at Knowle West Media Centre, Bristol for the staff, volunteers, children and families involved




Music Leader South West, Colston Hall, Bristol

A promotional and informative video that celebrates MLSW’s achievements over the past 4 years in enabling musicians to move forward in building their careers.

The video also encourages music leaders to look towards to the future by including it on the Youth Music Network where they can network, find information and support.

Added Insight were chosen from a number of candidates to produce this video, due to our proposal showing an understanding of what was required and a willingness to work closely and collaboratively with MLSW. After listening to the brief and brainstorming with the client we suggested the idea of using an individual’s story to illustrate the areas in which MLSW operates. Combining this with previous video footage and photographs supplied by the client as well as our own footage of Jesse in his workplace, we were able to produce an informative and creative video that MLSW could use for their website.





Cotham Park Tennis Club

A promotional video for the tennis club, to encourage new members to join and give an impression of the facilities and atmosphere at the club.

One of our first projects, we were given a loose brief to create a short video that would capture the playing skills and coaching available at the club. Shooting over two evenings in freezing cold and raining conditions, we ingratiated ourselves with the players to be able to capture candid and natural interactions. Then, working closely with the client through post production, were able to provide several versions of the edit to choose from.

The feedback from the club and members was very positive and we look forward to working with the club again in the future.




1625 Independent People

We were very happy to be asked to come in and facilitate a video workshop for three days at the organisation 1625 Independent People. They are one of the leading suppliers of housing, support and advice to young people aged between 16 – 25 in the Bristol area.

Working in conjunction with Vex Dance Theatre who were looking for videos made by young people about their lives in relation to housing and jobs, the final videos were screened at the Arnolfini, Bristol to supplement the dance interpretation of Cathy Come Home by Ken Loach.

Through careful planning and time management we led the young people through the processes of film making and encouraged team work as well as individual creativity. It was an immensely rewarding experience to be able to support the young people to realise their ideas from pre production through to being seen on the big screen.

The videos have gone on to be used by 1625 Independent People many times as a demonstration of the fantastic work they carry out and the issues that face young people they come in contact with.